Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Centennial Exhibit

The Centennial Exhibit is a place our Golden Eagles can go to learn about their history here at Southern Mississippi. It’s a celebration of 100 years that Southern Miss has grown to know.  It is located in the former home of the Cook Library Computer Lab (Room 105A). From my experience, when I stepped into this room it immediately took me back to my freshman year. Great reminisces on the past and also on the future because one day I will be a Centennial Alumni.
From the extraordinary Golden Eagles band, the Prancing Dixie Darlings, exhilarating cheerleaders, to the High and Mighty football team, Southern Miss is a place where I can call home. I’m glad that they have a room where one can go to reminisce on the past. While visiting the Exhibit, I saw and learned new things that I didn’t even know about my own school. At the Exhibit there were band uniforms, cheerleader uniforms, southern miss pens, and etc. If you want to take a trip down to memory lane, I think one should visit the Centennial Exhibit; it would be a great experience. Enjoy!

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